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What is a podcast?
A podcast is similar to a radio or tv show, except it's in the form of a computer file that you download off the Internet and can listen to or view at your convenience. You can play the podcast on your computer or on a portable digital music player. The Canyons produces video podcasts only.

Why would I want to watch The Canyons Podcasts?

The podcasts that The Canyons produces on a weekly basis has great powder video, park shredding, music, event updates and the latest happenings.

How do I watch a podcast?

Once you've download the podcast, find the file on your computer and click on it to play. (If the software program used to play the podcast doesn't seem to work, right click on the podcast file, choose "open with" and select a different media player.) If you have Itunes installed you can subscribe to The Canyons podcasts and you will be notified automatically when we post new ones.

What does it mean to "subscribe" to a podcast?

You can subscribe to The Canyons Podcasts so that all new podcasts from that category are automatically downloaded to your computer. Subscribing saves you the hassle of having to manually check for new podcasts each day.

Using music management programs such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, you can also set up your computer so that the podcasts are automatically loaded onto your portable music player. This way, you can easily listen to our audio content on the go.

Apple Computer's online music store, iTunes, makes downloading and subscribing to podcasts simple. More information about subscribing to our podcasts here.

Yahoo Podcasts is Yahoo's entry into the podcasting medium and allows you to find, subscribe, download and listen to podcasts. The podcasts that you subscribe to are saved with your yahoo account and integrated into the Yahoo! Music Engine.

Odeo is a new service that is focused on helping you find, subscribe and listen to podcasts. They feature a very strong interface and a suite of tools to assist you in downloading and listening to the podcasts.

How do I subscribe to a particular Canyons podcast channel?

1. Download and install on your computer a podcast program called an aggregator. There are many to choose from, but iPodder is the most popular. It's free and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. We'll be using iPodder in these instructions.

2. Once it's installed, run the program.

3. Click the green button with the + sign. this allows you to "add a feed". A rectangular window will pop up. This is where you'll later paste the address of the podcast you want to subscribe to.

4. Go to the Canyons podcast page that you are interested in. Find the orange "feed" or purple "Podcast" button, right click on it and (depending on your browser) choose "copy shortcut" or "copy link location" or "copy link to clipboard".

5. Now go back to the iPodder program and paste that link into the "add a feed" window. Hit save.

6. To play the podcast, go to "preferences" under the "file" menu in iPodder. Choose your player. Hit "save." Then go to the "downloads" tab, right click on the podcast you want to listen to, and choose "play episode."

7. Another way to play the podcast is to click on the actual podcast file. To find the folder where the podcasts reside, go to "preferences"under the "file" menu in iPodder. Under the "general" tab, you should see the location.

How do I get the podcasts to automatically transfer to my portable music player?

Portable digital music players use music management programs to automatically sync audio files (such as podcasts) on your computer with the device.

If you have an iPod, use iTunes to automatically transfer the podcasts. We highly recommend downloading and installing this program to view podcasts.
For more information on podcasting, check out these Web Sites: