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Ski & Snowboard School Tips

Ski & Snowboard School Tips

It's More Than a Lesson.

Thank you for your decision to take a lesson with Canyons Ski and Snowboard School.  Your lesson experience will be much more fun, safe and effective than trying to learn on your own.  Following these tips will help make your experience more comfortable, safe and enjoyable:

Clothing Recommendations for a Successful Lesson:

  • Wear synthetic or wool blend moisture wicking long underwear on both top and bottom. Avoid cotton, cotton absorbs and holds water close to the body which in turn robs the body of heat!
  • Wear only ONE pair of thin socks, preferably ones made specifically for skiing or snowboarding. Socks should extend over the calf; avoid ankle and other low socks, and anything that is ribbed along the shin. Again, avoid cotton. Multiple pairs of socks are not warmer and will wrinkle and bunch up, causing considerable discomfort in boots.
  • Wear quality sunglasses for warm sunny days and goggles for cold, snowy or gray days. Both should have 100% ultra-violet protection.  Goggles are easier for younger children and are actually preferred by most Instructors while they are skiing/riding.  Goggles are more secure and offer protection from snow, wind, and other objects that sunglasses don’t.  Most young children have difficulty with sunglasses staying put, especially in a high energy activity like skiing or snowboarding.
  • Allow at least 60 minutes at the rental shop to guarantee proper boot fit. Always buckle or lace boots before making a judgment on size. They should be very snug, similar to a firm handshake. Toes should touch the front slightly when standing straight and pull away as you flex or bend your ankles. Boots are the most significant link to learning to ski or snowboard, and oversized boots will hinder both comfort and performance.
  • Ski/Snowboard pants and jackets should be made from water-resistant or water-proof, breathable fabric.
  • Wear Water-Proof mittens or gloves (no knitted gloves or mittens). Not all winter gloves are Water-proof make sure you check.  In general mittens are warmer and easier for the younger children.  Once children are older they can take advantage of the dexterity offered by gloves.  For younger children look for mittens that zip or Velcro all the way up the back of the hand, this makes dressing them much easier.
  • Wear a helmet or hat on cold days. Helmets offer added protection, are warmer on cold days and vented for milder days.
  • Make sure your child either wears a balaclava (or neck gator) or has one in their pocket at all times.  The weather can change rapidly in the mountains and having one in their pocket can make the difference between cold little faces and smiling warm ones.  Scarves are not recommended: they are dangerous as they can catch on ski lifts and other objects.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally and often to all exposed skin and use UV protected lip balm.

Preparing Your Child for a Lesson:Things to look for:

  • Pay particular attention to their ability to dress and, especially, undress themselves.  This is very important during bathroom breaks!  The one-piece long underwear may look cute and seem warm, but if your child is unable to get their layers off quickly there may be accidents.
  • Helmets and goggles can feel very strange and scary at first: playing with them on at home can make them much more familiar.
  • Having your younger children practice with all of the unfamiliar ski clothing ahead of time will help them to have a much more enjoyable experience.

Lesson Ratios:
In an effort to provide your children with the safest and most memorable lesson experience, Canyons Ski and Snowboard School limits the class sizes for our children’s lessons.  Your 4-6 year old will have no more than 3 students per instructor, which means that the entire class can ride our beginner chairlift with their instructor, every time.   Your 7-12 year old will have no more than 4 other children in their class.  These small classes mean more personal attention, more time spent skiing and riding, and a safer experience. 

Lids on Kids:
Canyons Ski and Snowboard School encourages and recommends the use of helmets by all our guests and employees while participating in skiing and snowboarding.  For more information regarding helmet usage and safety please visit www.Lidsonkids.org.  Lids on Kids is a great resource for all your questions regarding helmet usage, helmet safety, statistics, and general recommendations on how to promote and encourage helmet usage.

"Sit on the Spot" at Canyons Resort:
Canyons Resort has won the National Ski Areas Association Safety Award for "Best Chairlift Program" two years in a row. The program involves round targets installed on the chairlift seats that provide a visual reminder on where to sit.  The program encourages children to "Sit on the Spot" when riding on a chairlift, helping our little guests to sit with their back against the back of the chair and be in a safer position when riding the chairlift.  "Spots" are installed on High Meadow, our quad chairlift that accesses the easiest terrain on the mountain.  This lift is most often used by Canyons Ski and Snowboard School for their beginner skiers and snowboarders.